RECAPT - Consumers and Novel Food Technologies

Professor Hans van Trijp talks about consumer acceptance of novel food technologies

In this video, Professor Hans van Trijp from Wageningen University, a partner in RECAPT, talks about the traditional and emerging consumer needs with regard to novel food products, as well as the key elements of consumer acceptance of novel technologies.

RECAPT - Collaborative Innovation Management

Professor Erik-Jan Hultink talks about innovation and collaborative interactions between food manufacturers and retailers/caterers

In this video, Professor Erik-Jan Hulting from the Delft University of Technology, a partner in RECAPT, talks about closed and open innovation, the innovation management models used in collaborations taking place in the food sector, as well as the basic stages for new product development.

RECAPT - Retail Buying

Professor Steve Burt talks about the retailer and caterer decision-making processes and concerns in relation to novel technologies

In this video, Professor Steve Burt from the University of Stirling, a partner in RECAPT, talks about the traditional retail buying process and the changes that have emerged during the last years. Moreover, in this video, the retailers’ and caterers’ attitudes towards novel technologies are discussed together with the main barriers for adopting novel technologies.