More findings from RECAPT are now available online!

The presentations cover the following topics:

1) Understanding consumers and gaining acceptance
2) Emerging technologies: What do they promise?
3) Retailers and caterers: Barriers or resources?

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Paper presentation at the 4th Nordic Retail and Wholesale Conference, Stockholm (Sweden)

Lars Esbjerg, associate professor at Aarhus University and Executive Project Director of the RECAPT project, will present the paper "Retailers and technology-driven innovation in the food sector: villains or caretakers of consumer interests?" at the 4th Nordic Retail and Wholesale Conference, in Stockholm, 5-6 November 2014


Listen to the latest podcast on top level results of RECAPT

Lars Esbjerg, associate professor at Aarhus University and Executive Project Director of the RECAPT project, provides an overview of the main findings and talks about the implications of the project.


RECAPT video on Retail Buying

In this short video Professor Steve Burt from the University of Stirling talks about the traditional retail buying process and the changes that have emerged during the last years, the retailers' and caterers' attitudes towards novel technologies as well as the main barriers for adopting novel technologies.

Watch the video here!

RECAPT video on Collaborative Innovation Management

In this short video Professor Erik-Jan Hultink from Delft University of Technology talks about closed and open innovation, the innovation management models used in collaborations taking place in the food sector, as well as the basic stages for new product development.

Watch the video here!

RECAPT video on Consumers and Novel Technologies

In this short video Professor Hans van Trijp from Wageningen University talks about the traditional and emerging consumer needs with regard to novel food products, as well as the key elements of consumer acceptance of novel technologies.

Watch the video here!

RECAPT article in Food Today

Findings on the role of retailers and caterers in food innovation were published in EUFIC's bi-monthly newsletter Food Today, available from September 2014 onwards.


Joint final conference of RECAPT and Connect4Action

October 29, 2014 - SOFITEL, Brussels (Belgium)

The final conference of RECAPT will take place in conjunction with the partner project Connect4Action. The conference is themed “Collaborative Innovation in the Food Sector” and will take place on Wednesday, October 29 2014, from 9:30 to 17:30, followed by dinner.


RECAPT article in the New Food magazine

Initial findings from the RECAPT project were published in the food industry magazine New Food, available from January 2014 onwards. New Food is distributed bi-monthly to 13,861 key decision makers throughout Europe.


3rd Collaborative Food Innovation Forum Workshop

The 3rd Collaborative Food Innovation Forum Workshop of RECAPT entitled “Innovation models and adoption decision-making in the food sector” will take place on 3 April 2014, in Hotel Catalonia Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.